Hawaii Buyer's Guide

Hawaii Buyers Guide

Since 1961, the Hawaii Buyer's Guide has been connecting buyers and sellers of products and services within Hawaii's commercial, industrial and construction fields. The guide has served as an invaluable resource to locate manufacturers, products and authorized distributors/service representatives. Additionally, HBG offers a complete listing of Masterformat division numbers and titles—a section used heavily by architects and engineers.

We hope HBG has been a valued business tool for your company and will continue to be so in the future.

Mahalo nui loa!


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Hawaii Buyer's Guide
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Facts at a Glance

Our mission is to make HBG the most valuable resource for Hawaii's buyer of industrial products and services by...

  • Comprehensively updating the guide's listings to maintain content integrity
  • Expanding distribution to increase publication value
  • Increasing our suppliers to offer you more categories and choices
  • Investing and improving our web site to access our data to complement our publication