Our Culture

The corporate culture of aio is firmly rooted in the spirit of Aloha and the power of Hawaii's local values. We believe that these values are truly world-class, and that our people can and should celebrate and share them, both at home and abroad.      

The companies of aio can provide products and services that are the best in the world. But while business is our lifeblood, it is not our only measure of success. Our companies are all about leaving the world a better place for future generations. It is the driving force behind aio Discovery and other programs created to benefit both our employees and people around the world. At aio, we believe that the real rewards of business are realized in the lives we lead, in the families we raise, and in the communities that nurture us. In this way, we bring to life the guideline that inspires each employee of aio:

Make Your Life.  Make a Difference.